Sunday, August 15, 2010


World's Biggest Book-Winning Site Giving Away Kindles and Hundreds of Best-Selling Books

A new gaming site aimed at book lovers has been launched. Billing itself as the world's biggest free, book-winning site, the site,, gives away Kindles, and best-selling books as prizes to game winners.

Michelle Cary, a romance novel writer and the first winner of the Kindle, said, "I love playing the game because it's so simple - it's a variant of the card matching memory game that we usually play with a regular deck of cards. Also, the prizes on offer are those that we book lovers will want. Best of all, you get to exercise your memory while knowing you can win a meaningful prize."

Vikram Narayan,'s CEO said, "Typically, book lovers are not thought of as people who play games online. But we realized that everyone likes to have fun playing games - it's just that you have to create games tailored to a particular type of audience. And that's what we've done."

The beta version of the game has already been played thousands of times by avid book lovers. Mr Narayan added, "We didn't bargain for the high demand, so we've had to increase our budget for prizes!"

So how does make money? The company has developed a unique, patent-pending business model. Mr Narayan explains, "The biggest pain point for published authors is marketing. In the memory game, the regular cards - such as the King of Clubs or the Ace of Spades - are replaced by images of book covers. Authors pay to have their book covers displayed in the games, and this works as a form of marketing for the books. So it's a win-win for both - the authors, and the book lovers playing the game."

Note to editors: is owned by Bookbuzzr, a privately held company based in Bangalore. Bookbuzzr is a developer of book marketing technologies for authors.

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