Sunday, August 15, 2010

Belly Charms Faith Life Angel Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Review

I received the Faith Life Angel Swarovski Crystal Bracelet from Belly Charms to review. Now I know some of ya'll remember I worked with Belly Charms before in the past and absolutely love the jewelry, where here I'm again reviewing a product that touched my heart. Sonya is raising money for her sister who has cancer by selling certain items like the bracelet I got. I think this is a very noble thing to do I have had several people in my family and life to have cancer and for every chance they have to fight the better for everyone so I tell you if you don't buy just cause the jewelry is beautiful, or the prices are descent then buy to help a person with cancer, a person like Sonya's sister. Anyways this bracelet is beautiful in person made strong and you can tell its top quality. It fit perfectly, comfortably, I love the closure easy to do one handed and by yourself. They come in several colors but I thought the mixed colors was the prettiest by far and goes with anything you wear so perfect for any occasion. When I got this bracelet I got it really fast in the mail in this cute black box the box is perfect size to keep the bracelet in tact with the right shape. I love that Belly Charms and Sonya make bracelets to fit anyone because I have bigger wrists at a size 9 inch which most bracelets are made from a 7 to 8 inch at most which I hate because the reason I don't wear bracelets much but with Belly Charms I can get any of them in my size I love that. So now that I have gave you a few of a million reasons why to check out Belly Charms whatcha waiting for.

Faith Life Angel Swarovski Crystal Bracelet - $45.99

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I received the Faith Life Angel Swarovski Crystal Bracelet shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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