Monday, July 12, 2010

Lunch Punch Review

I received Match & Munch & Critter Cutters from Lunch Punch to review. These are so unique and fun to mess with to make fun shapes with sandwiches and so on. I enjoyed making fun shapes with the punches for me, my family and my nephew and niece as well. I don't know about ya'll but wish this had've been around when I was a kid I was the worst for not eating the crust so this would've worked great fun shapes and some of the even punch out enough where your not eating the crust. This comes in handy with my husband as well he isn't a big bread eater and he tears off the crust so now I make him some like this cute but no crust. Also my niece and nephew love this idea to cause they get cute critters or matching pieces on there plate now and not just regular sandwich. You can also use this idea for biscuits, cookies, and pancakes as well. These were some of the best things I could think of that needed to be invented because there so easy to use and even though there plastic there strong plastic because you can use them and they don't bend when you push down on them either which is a big help. They come in this little case which is great to keep in as well when your not using them. I got these pretty fast from Australia and I love having them around now. If nothing but a cute little sandwich can make someone smile as well, so I advise ya'll to get some of these and they come in several different designs as well. Lunch Punch is greatly priced as well.

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I received the 2 sets of Lunch Punches shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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