Monday, July 12, 2010

The Cascade Complete Pac Challenge Review

I was given a recipe, a pan, and cascade complete to review. I was happy to try this because Cascade is a very trusted company in what they do I know alot of people that uses them. I was happy to try this but when looking over the recipe they sent me I had to change it up just a little bit do to some of the ingredients in the original my family doesn't like some of the things or can't eat them. Anyways we loaded it down with cheese cause everyone knows cheese has to be the hardest thing to get off your dishes. Well after having a good dinner we left it in the sink didn't soak or nothing, normally I do but kinda forgot ha ha. Anyways next morning threw in the dish washer with the cascade complete with other dishes that had cheese on them as well. When the cycle was done the dishes were spotless, no residue, no rewashing again like some soaps make you do just shiny and clean the way I love my dishes. For anyone who has not tried the Cascade Complete you should definatly try it because I have never seen a dish washing cleaner clean like this with no prewashing or soaking or anything yet pulls cheese that has sit over night in a dish right off in one wash. Absolutely love Cascade Complete and I'm truly sold got to be the best out there.


Potatoes au Gratin et Moutarde by Alex McCord

Adjust for size by using 1 potato for each guest and upping the sauce.

5 medium potatoes - Idaho or Yukons are my fave. Peel and slice into thin rounds, and steam until tender-ish. (WE OVER COOKED BY ACCIDENT)

Set aside.1 cup beef stock, organic or homemade if you have time (Ha!)3/4 cup half & half, or use 2% milk if you like it lighter (CAN"T EAT BEEF STOCK SO WE USED GROUND UP HAMBURGER INSTEAD)

2 huge heaping spoonfuls of whole grain mustard to taste (HATE MUSTARD)

Roughly 2 cups grated good quality white cheddar (HATE WHITE SO WE USED YELLOW)

Lightly grease or spray a baking dish. Alternate layers of potatoes and cheese until you run out of potatoes or patience. When finished, pour the sauce over the top, then garnish with a little cheese on top. Bake at 400 F for at least 45 minutes, or longer if you like a crispier crust -- I usually leave it in for 1:30.

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I received the cascade complete, a dish and a recipe shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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