Monday, March 15, 2010

Schwan's Ice Cream Cake Review

I absolutely love Schwan's they have alot of great things some expensive some great value and the great part its delivered to your door and for all who don't know they also now take food stamps. Anyways decided this month to try the Marble Cake & Chocolate Fudge Ripple Ice Cream it is only $8.99 and said it served 12. Anyways we got it and it was just beautiful looking when you open the container. Oh my got one bite into this is like heaven. It is part ice cream and part marble cake, I thought just like most ice cream cakes it was all ice cream so this was a lovely touch. I love the fact that now you don't have to fix cake and ice cream and put it on the same plate as well its all right here together for you to eat together. I added a little whip cream and it was a awesome treat for the family... and would definatly touch what ever sweet tooth your craving. I give this a 10 star review out of 5 and I'm sold I will be buying these for holidays and birthdays as well. I love its not as expensive as regular ice cream cakes as well.

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