Monday, March 15, 2010

Abortion And My Thoughts!

I read a post earlier tonight and then I read the comments from others on the case of abortion and which side they stood on. Although I believe everyone has there on opinion and can do what they want in there own decision so that is why I felt I am gonna put out there my beliefs. I believe abortion is a easy way out for so many women who think they can have unprotected sex with no consequences especially young women. I believe its immature, and childish to take the life of a precious child that didnt ask for any of that. I believe there are many of couples out there they deserve a child and would be great parents yet can never have kids yet these people are just killing there children.

I'm totally anti abortion and the only belief there should be one is if its a health risk of losing the mother, the child or both and rape. I also can't stand for abortion to be legal yet never the fathers choice so if you have a man who wants to be a father so bad and the mother decides she doesn't she needs no signature from him or anything she can point blankly go into the clinic have an abortion then tell him later not even giving him the chance to take care of his own child whether she wants it or not.

They have proven women who decided against abortion but thought about it that as soon as they saw there baby born they were so upset they were thinkin on killing there baby when its a connection between mother and child from that point on. Its a very heated subject for me I guess because of the illness they think will keep me sterile and I will never have kids...yet its all I have ever wanted...and yet there's these people that just don't care about people like me that may never get to hold our (biological) child, or touch our sweet babies head, or kiss them goodnight. Please before you think about abortion think about adoption first!!!

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Luigi | UPrinting said...

I don't want to judge people who aborted their child. But I'm also ANTI-ABORTION. I've seen people who wanted to have a child, but cannot bear a child. I've seen poor people who despite of the inevitable negligence they commit, decided to deliver a child. I just don't see the reason why someone has to abort her child regardless of the situation.