Monday, February 1, 2010

Stuff I Have Gotten Recently From Reward Sites

I wanted to share these few things I have received recently from different sites I'm a member of and if theres a referral link I will leave it as well...

1st is a check from Pine Cone Research Survey site I received my first check of $3.00

then there's e-rewards where I do surveys you have to be invited to this site from the company if I happen to get any extras sent to me which is only sent every once in awhile if your interested I will share with you. First is the gift card I got and 2nd is the computer game pad I bought from

And then I just cashed out for a $20.43 amazon gift card in December on the 31st from Squishy Cash you will see the gift card I just got today and then what I ordered I will take better pic when I receive it. referral link is:

Then I got these playing cards which is another thing I collect from club bing just go to you do have to have a hotmail account to do it if you don't do nothing but use it just for the site