Monday, February 1, 2010

Fellowes Mouspad I Bought & Review

Bought this mousepad on ebay about a week or so ago and only paid $14.56 that included free shipping. It is a great mousepad and I needed a new one after my last got punctured during moving last year. I paid $14.99 plus tax on the last one from radio shack so I think I got a great deal to be cheaper than the last. Ever since I first used a gel mousepad I fell in love within its, so much better on my wrist. Not sure what brand I had before was never on the mousepad itself yet the only difference I see so far is mine was a little thicker on the gel part so I was skeptical but so far so good this is just as great as my last one. Its very comfortable and if you have never had a gel mousepad you really gotta try one they prevent from gettin carpal tunnel which as much as i'm on the computer I need any help I can get. This is definatly a great brand and not high priced. I recommend this mousepad or at least a gel pad just keep fellowes in mind.

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