Monday, February 1, 2010

52nd Grammy Night

Well last night was a great night on the grammys they had some real good performances with Beyonce and Bon Jovi and many more plus I loved they did a tribute to Michael Jackson as well. But OMG did anyone see what Pink was wearing or lack of I should say wow!! I mean don't get me wrong I think Pink is a hot lady but I really would've never expected that kinda outfit on her at the grammy's.

Then Lady Gaga's outfit at the end I mean come on the person behind her may have wanted to see Then I loved Bon Jovi always have had a thing for him but Sugarland needed to go somewhere when he sang Living on a Prayer she was not needed in that song at all. Then the Michael Jackson tribute was nice I just was gettin tired of seein the red in my screen since they couldn't giveaway 3D glasses anywhere but Target we didn't have any so just gave me a headache. Then I didn't get to hear Michael as much as I would've liked due to the others singing....GRRRR. It was sad for his kids again though talkin bout there daddy you can see they just want to break down and cry again I really think it was too soon for those kids and Michael didn't want them in the public eye yet seems like the rest of the family just don't care....SO SAD!!!

And the one thing that got under my skin of all is Taylor Swift winning album of the year COME ON she's not the worst but the people she was in category with were 10 times better than her. She doesn't sing as good live as she does on her albums, and the stunt with her suing a bar for kareoking her songs was just pure childish and ignorant and yet people still think she's this all american girl...she is a psycho and is stuck up... the reason I say psycho is just ask joe jonas when after a month with him she was planning there wedding and went ballistic when he broke up with her. I don't know just a plain soar subject for me with her tantrums and mess. One other good thing about the show was Eminem back around haven't seen him lately and looking hot as ever.... Anyways guess thats my input on the grammy's this year whats everyone elses?

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