Monday, February 1, 2010

Update While I Was Away

Well its been a couple days I swear...well let me start first the cold winter did hit us thankfully we didn't lose power yet we got some nasty sleet and its just so darn cold even now its cold BRRRR...I hate winter so bad and yet our ground is still white and I hate that too. Thankfully there talkin bout it startin to warm up this week at least to our normals of high 20's and 30's the 20's at night of course and even some 40's this weak which is better than the teens we've been dealin with.

Ok 2nd on the 30th I got on the computer to find we had a virus my mom had played games on a site she didn't know the night before so now I couldn't get online. Well after having a friend help me talk me through some stuff and cleaning the computer of bugs and stuff I'm finally back up and running thankfully so I will be posting some new giveaways now and be sure to enter the yoohoo friends before tomorrow at midnight as well. Anyways hope everybody elses weekend has been better than mine.

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