Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Changes Ahead

Just wanted to let everyone know beginning of Jan. 2015 there will be alot of new changes. I will be starting a new blog and no longer be using this one. I have had alot of issues with this blog and truthfully blogger has become such a pain and I really want to get away from google as much as I can so I will be switching to wordpress. Anyways I would love to keep alot of my great followers so that bein said I am posting a link to google documents please click the link and if you want to be notified when the new blog goes life then I will email you with the email address you provide. This blog will not go anywhere because the promise to the companies I made I hold dearly so this blog will be able to be looked over whenever anyone wants to. As for it will go back to a blogspot instead of a dot com when its canceled in the end of Jan. There are alot of reasons for doing this but I really do hope some of yall choose to join me. Thanks again to all who have followed me even if you choose not to follow my new blog when its up and running. As for the rest of the year I will continue to try to post here and there companies that are still working with me.

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