Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Critical News - I Will Be Away For

I wanted everyone to know I'm stepping back from my blog atm didn't plan on this but I have to emotionally. My mom was supposed to go have a stint put in her hear yesterday when she got their and they checked her out found out that she has 3 blocked arteries and they are doing today a triple bypass heart surgery. I'm scared, emotional, and can't think straight atm. Please understand that this is a critical time for me and keep us in your prayers. I will update everyone as soon as I know more.

2 amazing comments:

Jackie said...

Will keep you and your family in prayers and will be thinking of you.

Amanda Tempel said...

I really believe your mom is a strong woman, and she will be okay! I have kept her in my thoughts since I first found out.

Hope you are doing better, and just stay strong for her too.