Thursday, September 26, 2013

McCain Classics Smiles Review

I wanted to share with all my readers these great treat I found in my grocery store a couple months back. They are called McCain Classics Smiles. These are tasty and so dang good fried. These have become my new addiction better than any fries cause its mashed potatoes inside these crispy crusts. They cook up in as easy as 2 1/2 minutes can be just a snack or great with any meal. I like to add cheese on top of mine for cheesy mashed potatoes treat. They aren't real expensive and worth every bag you buy. Not to mention I don't know about ya'll but even on my worst days lookin at the little smiles on my plate I can't help but smile too. They are great for kids but yet also great for adults. They are in the freezer section of grocery stores where the fires are so easy to find. So if you haven't tried the McCain Classics Smiles you don't know what your missing. I do hope you give them a try for you, and your family today. Now get them and be inventive on your own recipe they are great to the last bite.

A classic kids favorite, McCain Smiles® are made with quality mashed potato then shaped into smiley faces. Suitable for a wide range of outlets, Smiles are the perfect accompaniment to favorite meals, such as fish fingers or chicken strips, and are the perfect addition to a traditional children’s menu.

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This is my opinion but I did not receive this from the company they nor does facebook have anything to do with this review. I bought the product in my local grocery store.