Friday, February 8, 2013

Revive Teeth Whitening System Review

Thanks to Revive for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I received the teeth whitening system from Revive to review. This was something interesting for me cause I'm used to pastes, strips, and pens so I figured why not. I got this super fast and got a chance to try it in my home. Well I have to say that anything with as many parts didn't seem very simple to me but figured why not if it could save me money from goin to the dentist. So I read the directions perfectly and went through each step as it said too. First of all I can tell you when it come to making a imprint of my teeth in the trays like it said that didn't work so good cause my teeth are not all the same length especially since my front teeth are longer. I don't see this working to well for someone who doesn't have more proper looking teeth due to that. Also because my teeth are different lengths it made it uncomfortable to keep in place in my mouth. So the step of putting it in with the syringed gel first off make sure to take cap off cause it almost looks like there isn't one but there is and you won't get it out if you don't. So after I placed in my mouth the first time it said keep in 20 minutes so that is what I did. Now I have sinusitis so I'm a mouth breather due to not bein able to breath much from my nose, I suggest if you breathe through your mouth stay away from this product cause 20 minutes was so hard for me to get through tryin to breathe through it and having to hold the trays in place so I could breathe through the middle of them was a pain and not worth the process. After getting through it it tells you to use the desensitize gel well that was easier cause its only like 5 to 8 minutes then after you let it sit for 30 minutes on your teeth with no brushing or drinking but without the tray. It left my mouth feeling fresh and all but so not worth me doin again. After one use of course I can't tell a different nor see one. I do think this is a product that could work well with people with nicer smile and teeth with no gaps or size different in teeth, and that are not mouth breathers. There is no awful taste like most and it does leave your mouth fresh after. So check out Revive for yourself what do you have to lose cause its much cheaper than most whitening systems as well as it saves a expensive trip to the dentist but just heed the warnings I give to those who fit in the category as me.

and after

Mild Strength - $29.99

Recommended for first time users or those with a history of sensitive teeth. Ideal for those with slightly deeper surface stains. Expect visibly whiter teeth in as few as five days.
Full Kit Contains:
  • Two 3ml Syringes of 22% CP Whitening Gel
  • Two Thermoform Whitening Trays
  • One 3ml Syringe of Desensitizing Gel
  • One Whitening Tray Storage Case
  • Shade Guide
  • Complete Instructions
  • Sealed Retail Package

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I received nothing but the whitener set  shown above and no other form of payment for this review. Facebook is not connected to this review in no way shape or form. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

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