Friday, February 8, 2013

10 Dollar Mall Review

Thanks to 10 Dollar Mall for providing me with the product/products below to review with no purchase.

I got a chance to work with a awesome company that gave me $65 gift certificate to get stuff I'd like to review from 10 Dollar Mall. I chose to get a few plus size shirts, a light weight jacket, a heavy jacket for men, a plus size dress, some headphones, fingernail polish and press on glue nails all from this great company. I wanted to get several different items so I could give a all round idea of the quality of this company. The plus size shirts are very well made and surely didn't look like they cost a low amount they were great quality and I have even washed them and they didn't fade or unravel at all. The light weight coat of got was just the right amount of warm I needed without a heavy coat and its cute too I like that. I love the clothes they have for plus size women they think that us big girls can wear nice lookin new age fashion clothes as well and I love that. All the sizes fit exact as the site said, I love that on each page it tells you if its a exact fit or it the item runs smaller or what not which helps alot. The men's jacket I got for my nephew was really nice and very well made so heavy and keeps him so warm in the cold weather now. It was another great quality and they have pretty nice ideas in stuff for men as well I do like all there choices in clothing style.

As far as the one dress I bought I wasn't happy with cause on the site it said it was true to fit downfall I had when putting it on is it wouldn't remotely fit of my breast and I'm sorry most plus size women ain't flat chested so it won't even close to bein true fit as far as I was concerned. They do have a great return policy though 14 days you pay to send it back and they will trade it out or money back and so on no questions asked. The fingernail polishes I got were nice and very pretty I love them and they stay on for awhile so they are worth what they cost although actually they are a better price than you pay in the store. I got some press on nails that didn't need glue but I have to say these are the first time I used these and I will never use them again it had nothin to do with the company here just they sit too far above the nail so easy to rip off and they don't stay on very long before the glue stickers come loose great thing is they didn't cost alot to see if I liked them. As for the mp3 headset earphones I didn't like at all they had a different sound to them and it sure won't stereo sound it was kinda like in a tunnel so I will never use them. My over all thought of 10 Dollar Mall is this they are a great site, a great company and I would surely buy from them in the future no doubt about that. As far as the few things I didn't like I see nothin to do with the company itself just a minor issue that could happen at any department store but I like the return policy that makes it all better. So check them out today I really don't think you will be sorry. Why spend more for great quality.

Blue Jacket - $9.99

Black Strapless Dress - $7.77

Light Grey Zippered Hoodie With Silver Studs- $9.99

White Earphones With Extra 2 Pairs of Earbud Tips - $4.99

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I received a gift certificate amount to order the items shown above with $65 and no other form of payment for this review. Facebook is not connected to this review in no way shape or form. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.