Monday, May 28, 2012

Unjunk Your Junk Food Book Review

I received the Unjunk Your Junk Food Book from Naturally Savvy to review. I got this fast and I have been wanting to learn more about food cause I have been tryin to lose weight. I know I have never wanted to get rid of all snacks I mean come on shouldn't we be able to eat something snack worthy or sweet. Anyways in this book it gives you a run down of what snacks we eat and why they are bad for you as well as great alternatives instead that are better for you. Some things I knew were already bad for me but wasn't sure why besides just sugar intake this books gives you a run down of all that is in it thats bad for your body and what puts on weight. It gets you to start lookin at the backs of containers and products you buy more that's for sure cause have learned things that are bad for me now that I would have never imagined. So now when I go to the store I see some of those ingredients in other stuff I will know it isn't good for me at all not saying I will always give up those things I love but its nice to know what I could change to instead. The downfall is alot of the alternatives in the book are all things not sold in any of my stores in North Carolina so not sure if Naturally Savvy is west coast based or not but I either eat those junk that I know or bad or eat nothing at all. I do recommend this book though its good to know whats in what your eating.

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