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Tips for New Bloggers

Tips for New Bloggers

Blogs allow individuals to share ideas, discuss hobbies and create content. For students, whether pursuing a biology major or a degree in liberal studies, a blog can show case your ability to organize, compose and research information to display to perspective employers. While full-time writers can make a decent amount of money by starting a blog, but blogging takes work, patience and a great deal of knowledge to run.
For the first-time blogger, a few tips can mean the difference between feeling overwhelmed and managing a successful, profitable blog. Most individuals may run personal blogs, others may write about a niche topic, regardless of which you choose, you’ll need some help along the way.
  • Focus – Whether you’re writing about quantum physics, the PlayStation Vita or wooden doors, you want to maintain a focus. If it’s a personal blog, you have the freedom to write about anything. For blogs with a bit more focus, stay on topic. You don’t want to be writing about video games one minute and then go off and discuss wooden door sales. Keep your blog under one uniformed theme to maintain a level of professionalism.
  • Relax and Breathe – There is much to be learned about being a blogger. You won’t be able to buy a book and teach yourself everything in one day. That’s because blogging takes work to understand the ins and outs of the hobby. You might be a professional writer. You might be a programmer. You might even be a graphic designer. Each type of individual will carry with them different strengths and weakness that will help them along the way.
    Not everyone will know everything there is to know about managing a successful blog. You might be an online university student with little working knowledge of pay-per-click or search engine optimization, but you do know how to write. Focus on perfecting your weakness to improve your skill. Blogging takes time to perfect, so relax and take a breather.
  • Aim for Consistency and Perfection – For a first-time blogger, it’s okay to make mistakes. However, you should aim to make your writing concise and error free. Readers cannot take you serious if you cannot spell or don’t know the correct subject-verb agreements or how to sort out pronoun-antecedent issues.
    Take pride in your writing. Make it shine. Pick up a grammar book if necessary and learn how to improve. Nothing irks avid readers more than seeing run-on sentences, improper tenses and poor punctuation.


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