Monday, April 9, 2012

Shoplet Avery Product Review

I received a few office supplies from Shoplet to review. I got the Avery Heavy Duty Ring Reference Binder and I like this product alot its very durable and strong cause I don't know how many times I have dropped somethin heavy on it yet it doesn't effect it at all. This ring binder keeps the paper in place and you never have to worry about it slipping out cause it closes securely. It is definitely one of the better binders I have owned and I recommend to anyone especially with school comin around the corner soon again. It holds alot more paper than any standard ring binder I have ever owned and its easy as one touch to open it so no more struggling. I also got the Avery Custom Binder Spine Inserts which make any binder look very professional and more sorted well great for any home office or just keeping things in order for school, work, or home. i truthfully didn't even know what binder labels were til I received these I always just used markers and such but this looks so much better when making things look neater as well. I also got the Avery Note Tabs which have came in handy for alot of things. One I love that they are not only tabs to organize different things in my binder but also you can make notes on just one binder tab or all so you can come back later and remember things that you needed for that section and so on. These are all great products to own and good for anyone who works from home like me it has made keeping my stuff organized so much better thanks to Shoplet for the chance to review these.

Avery EZD Heavy-Duty Reference View Binder - $7.26

Avery Custom Binder Spine Inserts - $4.23

Avery NoteTabs-Notes - $3.53

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I received the avery products from shoplet shown above and no other payment for this. Facebook is not affiliated or has anything to do with this review. The above is my opinion of the product only and may not be agreed upon by everyone.

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sandria Evey said...

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sandria Evey said...
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sandria Evey said...
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sandria Evey said...
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