Friday, February 17, 2012

Custom Jewelry By Johan Even Keep Your Pets Close

By now if you haven't checked out a great site for awesome handmade jewelry what are you waiting for. Custom Jewelry By Johan has some of the nicest custom jewelry all made with care in every piece. You can get something for the special guy in your life or lady or even get sets for marriage and so on. He even has this new thing I have never seen before where he takes your pet ashes of your beloved animal and puts it in a ring so you always have them with you. Anyways the beauty in every piece of the jewelry found at Custom Jewelry By Johan are unique and priceless in the future for all the memories it will bring you and your loved one so check him out.

Pet Memorial Ring with Crushed Turquoise and Pet Ashes mixed with Beach Sand Inlaid together in a Titanium Ring - $599

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