Monday, February 13, 2012

Anxiety Is History

I want to apologize again for not keepin on my blog so much in my life has been changing its not even funny my bipolar tendencies have not been as bad, I feel more alive than ever these days and want to get out and do things. My stress level is low and today I got to go into a full Walmart store where I normally have bad anxiety attacks and guess what GONE.... I'm more alive than I could have ever imagined. I feel so free sadly my marriage still holds me back but I'm tryin not to let it get me down at all. I have a great boyfriend that has gave me my life back and I have done the same for him he says before me he didn't care much for living and thats how I felt so its just a amazing to have one person come in your life that changes everything. I'm hoping to get some more things written up and put up shortly still waitin for answers from companies on giveaways I think some are still slow it bein so close to the beginning of the year. If I'm not around tomorrow I hope everyone has a wonderful day with the love of their life happy valentine's day to all. I know I will be with my sweetie.....

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