Monday, October 17, 2011

Sonic Alert Handheld Listening Device Review

I received Blah Blah from Sonic Alert to review. I got this super fast and was so happy to see it come in the mail. I have tried many products like this to help me hear the tv or the computer better from a distance and all the ones I have bought are cheaply made and either have bad feedback, or pick up my A/C too much that I can't hear anything else or just never lasted long in general. I loved the design of this one in general and it comes with a belt clip and a neck tie so you can carry it either way. I ran into the issue with hearing loss especially in my left ear from having a real bad ear infection that almost costed me my hearing back when I was 21 so its been hard for me to hear the tv without it real loud which then bout deafens everyone else in the house. This is heaven sent it charges within no time and shows a green light when charging and goes off when its done.

It charges in about a hour but I will say if you use the battery pack that comes with it the charge only last maybe a hour of using or 2 hours standby time. I hated that so I tried rechargeable batteries and I promise you it makes the difference of night and day. I chose to try that cause I hated charging it then maybe a hour or 2 later wanting to use it for it to be dead again. I love they give you the option of putting regular batteries in it though, although with me using rechargeables not sure how much it would drain regular batteries. This does help me hear and although my hearing seems to be bad to me with the tv so high up as soon as I turn this on to the 1 which is the first setting I can hear my mom in the other room its just that good. It does pick up my air conditioner but not as bad as cheaper ones I've used and I can still hear the tv better and people talking. I can't much but good about this little device and I think its worth every dime, forget buying cheap I did several times and have already spent like $50 on that mess and none ever worked right. So if you or someone you love needs something to boost their hearing whether it be a device like this or their phones and such check out Sonic Alert for all your needs.

Handheld Listening Device (CLA9T) - $119.98

Product Features

· Compatible with Loop amplifiers & loop systems

· Extension microphone for personal TV amplification

· Volume control up to 25 dB

· Tone control · Super sensitive microphone

· Special coating for noise free handling

· Up to 10 hours talk time

· Rechargeable battery and charger included

· Balance control

· Ultra light headset

· Belt clip

*One Year Warranty

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