Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saferbrand Review

I received 3 products with sprayers for my moms gardening and yard from Saferbrand to review. We got the sprays fast in the mail and we received Insect Killing Soap 2.5 oz concentrate, EndALL 24oz ready to use, and Bug Patrol 6.4 oz concentrate to try out. WE waited to use this after the hurricane Irene because anyone who has ever been in a hurricane knows that after the storm all bugs seem to multiply in your yard no matter what kind of bug it is. My mom used these in the yard and she said all were very easy to use. We weren't really sure if they were safe for animals so we brought our pets in up til about 2 hours after mom had sprayed this in the yard, then after seemed to be ok for them to be outside in it. Although after spraying these in the yard and such we still had the problem of mosquito's but we are in a pretty bad place for mosquito's anyways so no hope I guess. My mom has found no bugs have been munching on her small garden she has which she loves because it used to get pretty bad with how torn up they would look sometimes. I love the EndAll because where we are we have bad problems with stink bugs and I absolutely hate them and we haven't seen any since using it. So for gardening sprays and pesticides and stuff check out Saferbrand I know my mom loves it so I hope you do too.

Bug Patrol 6.4 oz concentrate – with 2 different sprayers

Insect Killing Soap 2.5 oz concentrate - $24.99

EndALL 24oz ready to use (although this is the 32oz)- $8.20

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I received the stuff shown above and no other form of payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by others. Facebook does not sponsor or have anything to do with this review or product.

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