Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My New Hobby Yet Again

My next thing I have on my big order list is me a clarinet. I truly used to love playing in school and had one of my own that was black. Sadly when I was about 17 it was stolen from where I was living from a friend of my brothers and I have been jsut wanting to get another one so bad. They are usually very expensive my mom bought mine for $850 which luckily she did payments back then. I found a great one in purple on amazon and its not that pricey so the next thing I will be getting on my list with all my gift certificates I get online. I can't wait, although sadly its been so long I may have to reteach myself how to play it. The bad thing is I need to learn to read music better I played more by ear than anything which is a great talent but never could make a career out of it doin that. I was offered a chance when I was younger to join the sympony but my age I turned it down it would be a nice thing to get into one day if nothing but work with them when they are in my state. I know I was truly happy when I used to play so here is the one I'm gonna probably get...

Mendini MCT-P B Flat Purple ABS Clarinet w/ Case, Stand, Mouthpiece, Box of 10 Reeds, Cork Grease, & a Pair of Gloves
- $104.99

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