Saturday, September 17, 2011

Beauty In A Garden & Pond

I love that my mom is really big into garden stuff and setting up great scenes in the background. She has so many ideas of what to do with our yard from wanting to do her very own garden to making a little pond with Fake Rocks and like a waterfall kind of thing to it. The downfall to our yard is besides not having enough room to actually do all this in our yard but getting the landlord to agree to it. My mom opened me into so many ideas of what I would love to do with my own yard one day. I can say I always dreamed of what I wanted my house to look like but never really thought about the outside, my yard and all till now. I think the main thing is if you have a good imagination you can do just about anything whether to your home or to your yard. Imagine your very own waterfall on fake rocks, the water sifting itself through the rocks and the rainbow catching up in all this to make a beautiful ray of colors. Ok so I'm getting caught up in all this but still I find it mesmerizing what you can do to make so much beauty. My mom has been showing me websites and magazines with stuff you can buy to make your own garden. There are water pumps for the water, the tubs for the pond, then you can get fake rocks, and don't forget a Fake Tree for the last of the effects to look so real. Then last but not least once its all together grab some koi and put in the pond and you are set. I can't wait to buy my own house one day to get to try this out.

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