Friday, July 8, 2011

Luminess Air Review

I received the Luminess Air to review. I have seen this on tv as far back as I can remember. I'm a infomercial addict so I knew about this the moment they came out and have so wondered about them for so long but knew no one who had tried it yet. I was glad to get a chance to try it because I stopped wearing makeup years ago well at least foundation due to the fact the makeup clogged my pours so bad that I would have bad acne after so I just stopped wearing it. Then on top of it I was curious if this may cover up the dark spot on the side of my face that's a discoloration due to me gettin light over time. So I got this fast and it comes with everything you need even a video which tells you how it works plus instructions as well so there is plenty to learn how to use it before you ever do. I wanted to share with a video and I had one but sadly my computer crashed and I lost it so I hope I can clarify in writing. This was actually really easy to use and they come with several colors in shades that you would be. They come in several shades cause different times of the year your darker and some lighter so you have the right color all year long.

I loved how the color I found for me was dead on my color and it really surprised me cause its one thing I have the most problems getting a dead on my color. As soon as I started spraying this across my face I was amazed at how light it felt and mainly just felt like the air going across my face. When I tried it on my arm I wanted to see the difference if you pulled back to far on the lever and I promise you if you feel the makeup on your face and it a wet mist then your using too much let off the lever some. I put several layers over my face like it tells you to do which lasts longer. It is so true it lasted all day with no smudge and still lightweight. I also topped it with a bronzer for just the right amount of sparkle effect to pull out the color. I then used the eye shadow granted the colors I got for so dead set on my color of my eyes you really couldn't tell much of the eye shadow on but I could see the shimmer only. I loved how this dried so fast on my face and didn't spray where I didn't want it to go. Cleanup is a breeze the video tells you the easiest way to do this. After taking the makeup that night I loved how I never had a break out once and when I was wearing it my skin was flawless although it never covered the dark spot like I would've liked it really don't bother me not much ever does so I'm used to it. So if your thinking about purchasing one of the Luminess Air I promise you will be so happy you did so check them out today for the best way to wear makeup. Also I have really oily skin and with the matte feature I had no shine love it.

here is a couple pics of my face after applying the makeup also a before picture as well sorry I looked really bad when I woke up and all... but my skin was flawless

Beauty System

As seen on TV. This is our most popular model—great for every day makeup needs. Features one-touch airbrush system with constant air speed for face and neck. Includes our easy-to-use, single-action airbrush stylus.

It also includes

Starter Kit: 4 Foundations, Make Up System Cleaning Bottle, Blush, Bronzer, Glow and Primer

Price : $229.90

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I received the luminess air shown above and no other form of payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by others. Facebook does not sponsor or have anything to do with this review or product.

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Amanda T said...

WOW! Your skin looks flawless! Luminess Air is amazing!