Friday, July 8, 2011

Flip Flop Wines Review

I received wine from Flip Flop Wines to review. I had the great opportunity to work with this great company again and was so happy to do so. I got the Chardonnay and the Merlot this time and got it fast I love that. I wanted to save it till the 4th of July and that's what I did. I have drank Chardonnay before so I did know what expect and was so happy that after getting this Chardonnay nice and cold it tasted the same as what I'm used to but the price is so much better. I don't buy Chardonnay cause its an expensive wine so this is nice that for $7.00 they have it and that won't break the bank. I had wanted to try Merlot and have for awhile just wasn't sure I would like it cause red wine usually makes me sick so it was worth the try. I thought the Merlot was bitter and I didn't care for it at all but yet my husband did like it better than the Chardonnay. I think Chardonnay has a slight bitterness but not real bad and tastes good with just about anything where Merlot seems to leave a bitter taste and to me doesn't taste great with anything. I think its all in what your used to they have some great wines in red and white I just prefer white better. So if you have done so already head over to Flip Flop Wines and get yours today for a great price you just can't pass up.

Merlot - $7.00 bottle or $84.00 a case

Chardonnay - $7.00 bottle or $84.00 a case

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Love the review! I love the flipflop wines too! I just finished writing my 2nd one for them!

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