Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ryan Dunn/Drunk Driving/ Is He A Murderer?

Although I have never been a big fan of Jackass show I did at one time used to watch Viva La Bam and remember Ryan Dunn from that show. I have heard so much about this story over the last couple days I'm gettin tired of it already. My heart does go out to all his family and friends I understand they will morn regardless. I myself am so against drunk driving though you never know who's life you will take I believe when you get behind a wheel drunk its like someone handing you a loaded gun all for you to commit murder before the nights out. I really am behind the MADD program and believe that no matter how good of a person Ryan may have been in the end he was still a murderer not only did he kill himself which was his choice when getting behind the wheel drunk but he killed another human being as well. Now I hear some people say well the other guy knew better or could have said no but I believe the driver is the one who makes the last decision anyways it shouldn't matter if the passenger is drunk or not cause what say he was and too drunk to think straight so that means he should die then...NO!

It is such a sore subject with me I have even called the police on my own friend and my own brother when I knew where they were goin and they got in a vehicle drunk cause I wanted to try to prevent others from bein hurt. I believe people that go well he's a grown man I can't do anything...WRONG! stand up for someone elses life and call the police if you know someone drinking and driving. I really think this death comes from ignorance of driving while intoxicated but I feel he is getting the celebrity cop out. What I mean by that is if this had've been someone in your own town, a nobody, not a celebrity and everyone would be so mad that he took someone elses life but because he's a star its ok....WRONG! I hate that mess... Although I love celebrities even the ones I liked the most with stuff they have done makes me disappointed in who they are.

I always wanted to be remembered for what I have done in my life when I die not what I did on the day I died to someone elses life... and to me this is what he has done except for the true hearted Jackass fans. You can disagree with me or not doesn't matter to me I just feel that the other guy in the car may never get married if he wasn't or have kids if he don't and if he does then there is a family missing him just as much if not more yet they aren't really talkin about that are they...NOPE!

Oh and I love the sick fans stealing stuff from the wreckage to sale on ebay WTF anyone else find that plain out sick? What is the world coming to? I don't know which is sicker the person selling stuff like that or the person buying it. Sorry for my rant this morning jsut been wantin to get this off my chest.

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