Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Future With Solar Energy...

You know their is one invention I have noticed that has started to become a new thing and very big at that, and that is solar power. Now days so many things are turning to solar power for charging things, and lighting as well as many other things on the rise. I recently switched over to a lot of solar powered things and love it. You take this past year my Christmas lights were all solar powered I really thought they wouldn't last but they are ready for another year and have outlasted any others I have ever had. They keep their charge so well and don't break as easy and even stay bright on cloudy days for up to weeks of energy.Then i have a couple flash lights that are solar powered they make it so easy to grab onto in the middle of a bad storm, no more fumbling for batteries their ready to go and have days if not weeks of power without charging them.

Then I recently thought about buying a charger for the cell phone, mp3 player and such narrowing down no which company to buy it from but I thinks these are so much better than wall chargers. I have a charger that plugs int my mp3 player that is solar powered as well so I can charge it anywhere I go. It is so great to have the technology to have portable solar power on the go with you for my mp3 player. Also I had even thought that when I buy me a house having solar panels put in and run off solar power more than electric. It would cut costs so much and from the stuff I use now it already cuts cost in half. It is the thing of the future and soon everything will be on solar as well so get your fingers on stuff today I totally recommend making the switch.

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