Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Buying A Home Now Days...

It is so funny how things work in the world, and their is one thing I was thinking I wanted to share with my lovely readers. I hear so many talking about buying a home from real estate companies and buying a house in general and I wanted to let others know how difficult it sometimes can be. I always thought it must be so easy to buy a house of any kind just show up with the money, pick out the house you want or tell the builders how you want it to look and that's it. Wrong it is much more difficult than that by far. My mom bought her first house which was a mobile home when I was 11 years old and she really didn't go through too much trouble at all. She designed her mobile home through a local dealer and that was that she had her house in 2 months set up and all. I came into some trust fund money when I was 25 years old and was so sure me and my husband we're gonna buy us a house.

I knew I only had to have so much down and then make payments after but was turned down so many places due to the fact that although my husband worked he was a taxi driver and they consider that and any commission jobs not a steady job. I was floored by every where we went it was all the same including to try to get a loan. No matter how much I was looking to put down all the places said I wasn't working and he wasn't working a steady job yet he worked every day of the week and made descent money. Then we decided to switch to real estate agents and see where we could get their and that was just about as bad it was just one big nightmare and we ended up just calling it quits in the end/ I know a friend who lives in Kansas and she was telling me about kansas city real estate and how much easier out there it was to find a home and so was my friend in Georgia but I pretty set on staying here in my state maybe again I will try one day. I just wanted to let everyone know sometimes having the money or a descent amount of money just isn't enough to buy a home.

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