Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bath and Body Works Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer Review

I received several anti-bacterial sanitizers from Bath & Body Works to review. I know I must live under a rock or something but I have never bought from them before and only been in a store once, only tried friends lotions before from them but yet I have always known about them. I know its kinda sad they have always been on my to do list but never found the time to do it I guess. I never knew til looking over their site that their prices are amazing no where else do I know I can buy several for a cheap flat price. Then after getting these hand sanitizers and trying them I'm sold. I loved the fresh picked apples smells just like green apples but all the scents in general were so great. I loved that these hand sanitizers are like no others I have tried because most times they dry out your hands so bad but with these my hands stay soft and smooth yet smell so good I love it. I hate they don't sell the green apples in a big bottle of hand sanitizer but with the cheap price I can deal with getting 8 for such a low price. I can tell you if you have never shopped at Bath & Body Works you don't know what your missing. I recommend shopping their for you, your family any holidays or just for anything in general. They are at a top list for me to buy more of and they have such great scents.

Fresh Picked Apples - $1.50 each or $5.00 for 8

Fresh Faves Bundle - $5.00

Patriotic - $4.00 for 8

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I received the anti bacterial sanitizers shown above and no other form of payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by others. Facebook does not sponsor or have anything to do with this review or product.

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