Friday, May 27, 2011

Xocai Healthy Chocolate Review

I received several pieces of chocolate from Xocai to review. While I was waiting to receive my samples in the mail I decided to read up on their site. They have alot of info talkin about where chocolate come from and all things I never even know. I love that their site is very informative and I really never knew any kind of chocolate could be healthy for you this is a major plus in my book. I got my chocolates pretty fast didn't take too long at all and me and Joe tried these out together. He said they were very good and to get this from him is a big thing cause he is so picky ha ha. Anyways I have to agree with him they were so smooth and creamy and we loved them all around and I think I enjoyed it better knowing it was healthy for me. The site even goes in to depth about how this chocolate could help you with aging and heart help plus many others you just really got to check it out. Anyways to eat healthy and lets me eat chocolate will always win especially if it taste good cause I can't tell any different in this chocolate and other chocolate as far as taste. This stuff is still yummy and me and my husband both recommend checkin out Xocai and get your own good for your health chocolate and enjoy having that sweet tooth for better health care today.

X Power Squares(140 count) - $110
Enrollment Fee / Kit - $14

Check Out To Buy

I received the chocolates shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only.

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