Friday, May 27, 2011

Talk To The Turtle Review

I received the dangle key chain for love from Talk To The Turtle to review. I got this really fast and I was amazed in how great it looked in person, pictures don't do these justice. I love key chains and stuff like this that I can click onto my purse and go. So I get a little style with my purse now. I chose the love one because I think nothin in life matters without love whether its with your soul mate or its with a family member love controls our live or life would be useless. These are definitely unique and they also do necklaces as well which look just as nice as these dangles. I love the work of these they are so very well made and add that extra bling I have been wanting and would be great for anyone wantin some bling as well. They are not overly priced not for something handmade by far. These and the necklaces would make great gifts for anyone for any holiday even men would like these cause they really are unisex and not too girly. My husband thought mine was real nice as well he said although not sure where a man would put the dangle at but the necklace would come in handy. So I guess if your looking for a great gift that won't break your pocket, that is very unique, and very well made with great quality then check out Talk To The Turtle and get yours today.


7 link Dangle - 3&3/4 inches - w/crystal quartz - 40mm clasp - $33
7 link Dangle - 3&3/4 Inches - no crystal - 40mm clasp - $26
7 link Dangle - 3&1/2 Inches - no crystal - 20mm clasp - $23
5 link Dangle - 3&1/4 inches - w/crystal quartz - 40mm clasp - $30
5 link Dangle - 3&1/4 inches - no crystal - 40mm clasp - $24
5 link Dangle - 3 inches - no crystal - 20mm clasp - $22
3 link Dangle - 2&1/2 inches - w/20mmclasp $20
3 link Dangle - 2&1/4 inches - w/18mm clasp $18

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I received the dangle keychain shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only.

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