Monday, January 10, 2011

Raising The Candy Bar Review

I received the candy from Raising The Candy Bar to review. I have enjoyed with working with this company in the past and was so happy to work with them again this year. Anyways David who owns this company makes some of the best chocolate I have tasted with most of the candies bein gluten free, lactose free, and sugar free stuff as well. Anyways I received these truffles and they looked so pretty in the cute little box they came in. Me and my husband spent a little bit enjoying these wonderful tasting chocolates it is so hard to believe these are lactose free and gluten free who knew chocolate that was better for you could taste so good. David really takes care in his customers that is what I love so much with this company. You will get lost on their site checking it out with all the goodies their endless. I love the little dark chocolate hearts on a stick they are solid chocolate through and not hollow at all. I love they make candy for people to enjoy that can't in take any of these things like I have a friend who has lactose problems and she misses chocolate with this she can still enjoy it just the same. They also have things for Valentine's Day and they sell wedding cakes and such as well so don't fret you want some candy or chocolate and such make your next stop Raising The Candy Bar I know my family loves them.

16 Piece Box of Truffles - $19.75 / Each

Large Chocolate Heart Lolli in Semi Sweet Chocolate
- $5.00 each

Check out there social networking sites as well to keep up with them

I received the candy shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only.

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