Monday, January 10, 2011

Eatsmart Bath Scale Review

I received the bathroom scale from Eatsmart to review. Ok I have been needin to go on a diet for awhile now but how can I if I have no scale I mean for the longest time I didn't even know what I weighed. Well I was so glad when I got a chance to get this scale because it is so nice and I have been wanting a digital glass scale for quiet some time. Anyways I got this pretty fast and I couldn't wait to open it and try it out. It came with batteries so I was even more excited cause I didn't have to go to the store before trying it out. It also came with this measure tape to help measure inches and stuff. I love that wherever you sit it down it calibrates itself automatically with no button pushing and such and it does it in seconds. This was such a great product I was disappointed though when I stepped on it and I saw 400 plus but now that just made me want to get on this diet even more. I can say I have never found a scale that went past 300 so that is nice for us plus size people it does stop at 400 lbs. though so now I just got to work at losing weight but this will help me keep on track. If your looking to lose weight in the new year then get you need to get you this great bath scale from Eatsmart.

Bathroom Scale
Price: $28.95
Dimensions: 12" x 13" x 1"
Colors: Silver / Black

EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale™
The EatSmart Bathroom Scale is versatile, easy to use digital bathroom great for any home. Simply step on the scale and in seconds you'll have an accurate readout on the EatSmart's oversized 3.5" LCD display.


1. Large 3.5" LCD display - Easy to read from any distance
2. 4 high precision sensors - Consistent and accurate measurement
3. Max weight 400 lbs / 180 kgs
4. Sturdy tempered glass top and large 12" x 13" platform
5. Auto Calibrated; Auto Power-Off; 4 AAA batteries (included)
6. Video demonstration here

Available on Amazon (Silver)
Available on Amazon (Black)

I received the bath scale shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only.

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