Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!!!

Just wanted to stop in today while I'm just relaxin today to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

I plan on startin one of my New Year's Resolutions on the 9th I will be starting back on the slim fast diet/2100 calorie diet/grapefruit diet I should be receiving my bath scale shortly and by then I hope. I may actually keep everyone updated on how my diet is going along the way if ya'll don't mind.

My 2nd resolution is to hopefully get enough sponsors to go to a blogger conference in NC in late Feb.

I have many more along the way but those are the two main ones for now.<

So what's everyone's New Year's Resolution?

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Amanda T said...

I like the new background. I liked the old one too, but this one is more "open" and there isn't so much going on when you first get here. Good pick!

I have lots of resolutions. I want to get my blog better. I also want to get a better job, get in college and just get caught up with everything.

Good luck on the diet, I know you can do it! I'd love to read the updates on it!

Danyale N. said...

thanks girl I appreciate it turned out pretty good i like it to... ha ha guess new year need a new change.

Good Luck on your resolutions and I hope you succeed in getting them all.

I will update here as I progress and when I start and such on my diet I think it may actually keep me on track.

Hollywood Glamorous said...

Hello.. Hello..

I'm extremely sorry that I haven't been in contact, it's been quite a while and I feel exceedingly bad for that.

If you haven't read my blog I'm pregnant! I'm having a great deal of problems due to chronic pain and my illness. I'm currently starting into 31-weeks, due March 4; which is greatly questionable at the moment.

My resolution is to deliver a healthy little one, I'm determined to defy the odds. Even if secretly, I really want this baby out of me! Hope all has been well and hope to hear from you real soon. Take care, please.

beachbaby said...

I didnt make any resolutions this year really, just Being grateful for anything that comes my way.. good luck on your diet!! Its hard I did it last year,and I lost over 35 pounds and have kept it off so far..altho very hard to do but I am doing it.