Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 25/Bottom 25 Companies of 2010

I have decided since this has been a great year that I would make a top 25 and a bottom 25 list of all the companies I have worked with through 2010. Just because not all the companies that were good made it to the top doesn't mean their not good companies and same with the ones that don't make it to bad doesn't mean their the best this is just my opinion. I'm holding into consideration several things from shipping time, customer care, product quality, PR, & sending out the winners products but most of all the companies that I have listed its about communication to me. I hope everyone enjoys my list and thanks so much to all the companies I worked with this year and if the company went above and beyond in customer service will really make them be part of top 25.

This does not include any companies that were sponsored posts, etsy shops, or just giveaways it has to be review companies or review/giveaways, also although all the adult companies I work with are all great they won't be included due to this not being an adult post but all the adult companies have their own post.

Upfront just because a company didn't make it to my list doesn't mean their not a good company to me or that I wouldn't recommend them. I had a hard time making this list cause their were so many good companies this year. I narrowed these down by the ones that talked to me, that made me feel like they we're real and not too business like now don't get me wrong that's good in some cases but after always seeing the same messages over and over again you start feeling like you don't matter much to them. So when a company goes out of their way to crack a joke, make you smile, send you a Christmas card or just be your friend in general or comes back cause they enjoy working with you makes them real special to me.

Thank You PR's, Marketing, & Owners Of These Companies!

Top 25 Companies

1)Simple Green
3)Pillow Pets
4)CSN Stores
6)Raising The Candy Bar
7)Belly Charms
8)Delta Faucet
9)Executive Gift Shoppe
11)World's Best Cat Litter
12)Dublin Dog
15)Food Should Taste Good
17)Green Pan
18)We Love Colors
20)Outdoor Solar Store
21)Kakadu Pet
22)Snorg Tees
23)Newman's Own Organics
24)Warmly Yours

Bottom 25 Companies

1)Kajeet (good service bad customer service they wouldn't even take my payments and tried to mess me out of money when I went to pay for it)

2)Wild Texas Wear (They sent me an order that was wrong sized when I told them about it they acted like I was lying then asked for the order back and said I never shipped when they paid for it)

3)Nap26 (didn't want a review due to the fact I didn't like the product cause it sounds like white noise)

4)Corel (PR problems the one I worked with stopped working with them and I had to hunt down someone to send my winners prize)

5)Aromatic Health (Never sent me a product after accidentally sendin them a wrong email that was meant for another company wasn't the nicest sorry I even apologized)

6)Bee Well Wishes (never even asked me what size I wore sent me a medium whats with that)

7)Flexi 8 (never responded to any emails about giveaway and review info after receiving the product)

8)Stay Vocal (sent my shirt in a cereal box kinda found this kinda cheap and unprofessional)

9)Karma Organic Spa (PR not best attitude and sent the items to me like 5 times or claimed to didn't receive for like 4 months)

10)Mineral Basics (Felt cheap cause they only sent little baggys with eye shadow in it)

11)Piggy Paint (not the best attitude from PR product wasn't the greatest either)

12)Dream Soft Bedware (not the best english hard to understand)

13)Wholesale Keychain (bad ship time to winners)

14)Terracycle (never received anything after lots of communication)

15)Delicae Gourmet (never heard back from them after multiple emails about giveaway info)

16)June Jacobs(never heard back from them after multiple emails about giveaway info)

17)Wallpops (never received anything after lots of communication)

18)Coppins Gifts (their stuff broke and they would never contact me back)

19)Twisted Orchid (bad shipping time to winner of giveaways)

20)Fantasy Jewelry Box (bad shipping time to winners and tried to change gift amount after giveaway had ended)

21)Violight (never heard back from them after multiple emails about giveaway info)

22)Reverse A Purse (bad communication great company though)

23)Warm Buddy (bad time frame took me 4 months to get anything from them)

24)Fresh Wave (Never Could Reach Them after doing review)

25)Soda Stream (took almost 3 months to receive from although after changing PR's it was wonderful this is why their near the bottom cause they are a pretty good company they went out of their way to fix my issue)

8 amazing comments:

ape2016 said...

While I haven't tried all the companies listed, I will agree that I have had great experiences with CSN, Belly Charms and Snorg Tees as a consumer. I also agree that Fantasy Jewelry Box has lousy customer service. I have never received a prize won in a giveaway from them! That is why, even though I bought 5 jewelry items for Christmas gifts online, I never considered shopping with them!

Belly Charms said...

Thanks so much for including me in your top 25. I am shocked at reading your bottom 25. I don't know how some of these could stay in business. Have a Happy New Year!!!

Smash Bravo Team said...

I had to laugh when I saw Piggy Paint. This lady made us go through hoops to finally get her to approve us... then when we finally qualified at 750 members she was so rude in the email she sent.
So I thought about it, do I really need to take this attitude for a little bottle of polish that my little girl doesn't really need?
After having so many PR's with really high end products treat us with respect, knowing that what they get from us is valuable and we are not just smooching for free, I decoded not to work with this lady and her polishes. It might be a wonderful product but her attitude was totally bad.

Diabetic Snacker Reviews said...

I think I'll start working with some of the adult company's this year too. I thought maybe having them on your site would effect page ranking but not sure.
About shipping in the cereal box I think that's great eco friendly not cheap to reuse packing supplies whenever possible.

Diabetic Snacker Reviews said...

forgot, Have you printed a list like this before becase I'd like to see those too if you have.

Danyale N. said...

@ape2016 It was strange cause at the first of last year Fantasy Jewelry Box was fast shipping and even to my winner but somewhere during the yr they started lacking badly and even my PR changed which I really do think made the difference. If you would have asked me at the beginning of last yr I would have had them on my top but after blogmania they became on my bottom.

@belly charms your very welcome and I have enjoyed working with you several times and can't wait to work with you again. I don't know how some stay in business either but I guess someone still buys from them and never has to deal with talking to them. Happy New Year to you too.

@smash bravo team piggy paint was about the same for me except it wasn't my followers they were worried about it was each little thing from twitter, visitors, and subscribers although think followers was a issue too. I got to review their item but when I went to to do a giveaway they backed out on me after sayin they were gonna do it they def. were not worth what I did I got it for my niece but next time I will just pass with companies like this.

@ diabetic snacker reviews I guess it comes down to whos more eco friendly I mean I am to a certain point just wish it has been in a box and all because the cereal box was all duct taped and beat up and jsut looked horrible so I think it took away from who they were more for me. and no this is my first time doin a list like this. As far as adult companies make sure that none of your other companies disagree with having their banner before you put them on your blog. Most adult companies are fine with you just putting their banner in your actual post for them like I do but like me I do sponsored posts as well and most of them require me not to have an adult banner on my site so just make sure no companies you really want have a problem with it. In the beginning I had companies turn me down cause I had good vibrations banner on my blog.

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