Friday, January 7, 2011

Free $10 For Signing Up FREE Stuff!! (Check It Out)

Bet everyone would love to get some nice prizes like a ipad, macbook air, ipod nano, or even a nice watch or makeup right... too bad you can't stuff like this FREE....


want to know how... I bet you do!

No More Rack is a great site with cheap prices to get nice items for such a low amount of cash plus every item is only $2 to ship USA Only.

I know your wonderin what am I talkin bout that isn't free no but great buys just the for the free stuff....

Sign up under me and only under me to get this great deal you get $10 just for signing up under me and entering the promo code below oh also make sure when you sign up to confirm your email and like them on facebook....

Here are the details & promo code:

1. Join NoMoreRack (

2. Go to My Account then Gift Cards and enter "P1070" to get a FREE $10 credit!

3. Click on the "Invite Friends" link at the top of the page.

4. Use the easy click buttons to share your referral code with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

5. Don't forget to tell your friends to enter P1070 to get their free $10 credit too!!

6. When you get at least 15 referrals, you can go over to the FriendRack page to order your prize (you don't have to wait until the promo is over).

Below is some of the great prizes they have to offer....

also a few rules....

Rules , Regulations & Details:

1. There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer. You can order products at, using your friend count all month long. You do not have to wait till the end of the month.

2. Please note, prizes can change based on availability. If a prize is no longer available the user will be notified of new options. New products are added to all month long. At any given time products that are available will be displayed and updated in real-time at

3. Promotion is only valid for US residents minimum of 18 years of age. Only friends referred within the US will count towards your friend count.

4. Members from cheating sites and boards, will not be allowed to participate in our promotions and are banned from all future promotions.

5. No duplicated email addresses or duplicated profiles are allowed. Duplicates will not count.

6. Any type of fraud found within this promotion will be an automatic disqualification for this and future promotions. Friends cannot be fraudently generated.

7. Our fraud team has a complex set of rules and filters used to identify fraud. Nomorerack reserves the full and absolute right at our sole discretion to reject, eject and not send a winning prize to any user found fraudulently taking advantage of the promotion. There will be no appeals to fraud allowed. Nomorerack, furthermore is not required to give information as to how or why an account was flagged as fraudulent. User accounts identified as fraudulent may not even be responded to and will be banned immediately.

8. Your friend count at must be used to claim prizes no later than February 10th 2011. (Deadline to claim prizes).

9. Your friend must confirm their registration by checking their inbox and clicking the verification link to count. Your friend *does not* need to make a purchase.

10. Multiple friends are not allowed to sign up from the same computer.

11. Users that were registered previously with nomorerack cannot re-register.

12. Once your prize form is filled out at, please allow up to 7 business days to validate referrals and confirm processing of shipment for your prizes.

13. Only new friends who register between January 7th, 2011 8 AM EST and February 7th, 2011 8 AM EST (30 days) count towards this promotion.

14. Spam and unsolicited e-mails are not allowed. Please only e-mail your friends, family and acquaintances.

15. There will be no exceptions to these rules.

Watch the video at the link below to learn how their site works

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