Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Blogtastic Extravaganza Event Coming Up!! Stay Tuned..

Not sure how many of ya'll know but the event A Blogtastic Extravaganza is coming up Save The Date Jan. 18 through the 22nd here on my blog I will be offering extra entries up til that day and my theme is Valentine's day things. Up til then I will be reviewing items as you can tell with the Belly Charms & Executive Gift Shoppe the message will be at the bottom of any companies I'm reviewing for but their are others as well. I hope to see ya'll here durin those days and hope ya'll enjoy some of the companies and things I have to offer. Granted I won't have as big of package as I did with Blogmania but had to wait til the new year to get sponsors cause before that everything was about Christmas only so now only had a couple weeks to pull this all together but I hope you enjoy. Make sure for extra entries you check out my post coming soon with ways to gain more entries into a blogtastic extravaganza.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Danyale! I am also participating in ABE and I am super excited! What a great theme idea you have - after we all participate in this 5 day event, we need to start thinking about that special day filled with Love. I am eager to see what goodies you give away for ABE. Have a great day! ~Debbie ~