Sunday, December 12, 2010

Zippo Candle Lighter Review

I received this snowflake candle lighter from Zippo to review. Ok so who hasn't heard of Zippo right their a very big company and they sure know their lighters. I can remember the first ever Zippo I owned I was 18 and I got one from a local store and it was a Jack Daniels one. That was one die hard lighter even when I got mad with a ex and threw it at him it still lit every time ha ha. Anyways I don't think their is any better company out there that knows their lighters or as great of lighters as Zippo. So I was excited to try a candle lighter for two reasons one because it was from Zippo and two because I'm always botherin Joe to light my candles for me especially when they get too low I can't get my hand in there without burning it. Anyways I got this real fast in this very elegant looking box guess it comes back to how much I love Zippo and elegance like this comes with the best. Anyways it even has a carrying strap on it so cool. It lights every time just like a Zippo and when they sent it too me it already had fluid in it gotta love that. It also has a area at the bottom you can see through so you know when you need to fill the lighter again so takes away guessing games. It has a safety on the back where you have to push in to light so great with homes with kids as well. Zippo has done it again another great lighter and with Christmas here its festive looking and I can light all my candles with ease now. If you have never owned a Zippo its about time to give them a try.

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The Zippo Candle Lighter is sporting a cheerful Snowflake wrap for the holidays. Underneath the new look, it’s the same mini MPL® that has been a favorite for gift giving and home decorating since its introduction nearly four years ago. It’s sized for a smaller hand and easy to use, with an advanced soft-touch ignition system. Made of durable metal, the Candle Lighter features a patented child-resistant safety button, a fuel supply window for the refillable butane tank, and an adjustable flame dial.

The new Zippo Candle Lighter is attractively packaged in a clever clutch-style gift box.

· Approximately 6.5" long

· Approximately .75" wide

Zippo® Candle Lighter Features:

  • 7 Unique Styles Perfect For Any Room or Occasion
  • Zippo Lifetime Guarantee
  • Sleek Ergonomic Design
  • Patented child safety button
  • Fuel-level Indicator
  • Adjustable Flame Dial

I received nothing but the zippo candle lighter shown above for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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I heard about the zippo lighter some time ago, now i like to zippo.
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