Monday, December 27, 2010

Prepara Trio-Blade Peeler Review

I received the Trio-Blade Peeler from Prepara to review. Now this is something I needed in my kitchen for a very long time I'm not gonna lie I hate peeling potatoes especially more than anything. My husband says when I use a knife to peel the potatoes and I end up taking forever to do not too mention I cut most of the potato so there isn't much left when I'm done to even cook so takes more potatoes for me to peel so I can cook a descent amount. With this handy tool it helped me alot especially for Christmas dinner was perfect timing. It not only made it easier and I had more potato to put in the pot but it was easy to slide to the next blade to shred cheese we needed and tomatoes gotta love that. This is one handy took in the kitchen and yet you can pull the blades down to put in the drawer so no one gets cut or anything. Now we have used peelers before but none as easy to use as this one not too mention easy changing blades. It is even easy to cleanup by just popping the blade out clean, dry and pop back in no fuss. Not only did I find it nice to use but my mom has a hard time with her carpel tunnel but with this it makes it real easy to peel as well all thanks to Prepara.

Trio-Blade Peeler - $14.95

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I received the trio-blade peeler shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only.

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