Monday, December 6, 2010

Pets By CSN Review

I received the Precision Pet SnooZZy Pet Bed in Natural and the ABC Pet Sisal Scratching Post with Feather Toy from Pets By CSN which is one of the many CSN Stores to review. I have been meaning to look into gettin my cat a scratching post forever because we still have to get on her about tryin to scratch the door frames which is a bit annoying. Anyways I saw this particular one and figured I would give it a shot for her. She is a very picky cat so when I got this which was fast like usual from CSN Stores, I wasn't sure what she would do with it or if she would even bother. She sniffed it at first and then went on her marry way so I figured wow that was a waste. Well my cat is vindictive I swear if I tell her no on something she wants to do she gets even. Well I told her she wasn't sleeping with us that night told her to sleep in her house in the kitchen she got mad when I shut the door. We woke up the next day with feathers on the floor where she pulled them out of the top of this, due to that she actually started playing with it at night when everyone is asleep. So yay for this toy and then just yesterday she realized she could sharpen her nails on it as well so this was a win win toy. The other item I got was a doggy bed granted its not a real big fluffy one but my dog Lulu for some reason won't lay on the big ones so we figured if nothing else this would be something soft under at least. Since we gave it to her she won't let any other animal lay on it and sleeps on it every night. Now both of these products are high quality which is what I love about CSN Stores never have I had anything from them cheaply made and I love that plus their prices are great for the quality I get. Also make sure you check out not just Pets By CSN but the other 200 and some stores from CSN Stores.

Precision Pet SnooZZy Pet Bed in Natural - $20.95

ABC Pet Sisal Scratching Post with Feather Toy - $20.95

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I received the pet bed and cat scratcher shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only.

all thanks to the CSN Stores & brought to you by CSN Stores

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