Friday, December 17, 2010

Next Gen Pet Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter Review

I received Green Tea Leaves cat litter from Next Gen Pet to review. I got this pretty fast and was so glad to get to try this because we have used all kinds of litter out there some bein good and some not so good so couldn't wait to see if my cat liked this. I can tell you at first look I thought it looked like rabbit Opening the bag it has a pleasant smell to it not real strong. We first put this in our cats litter box and she went over to it and just stared at it but after we walked away she started using it. She seemed to like this litter alot which is unusual cause she is a very picky cat about most things we buy. I was glad she liked it because it seems to be a very good litter. It clumps very well and it seems to last a great while, alot longer than some of the brands we have bought before. The prices aren't bad for what you get and we plan on probably continuing to use this kind due to she does like it, great priced, and its natural no extra chemicals of any kind. Also my mom does gardening and it says it can then be used as compost when the cat is done using it so it doubles for two things no wasting it can't beat that at all with the economy gotta save what you can. Next Gen Pet has other great products to check out as well.

Green Tea Leaves is an all natural cat litter made from wood and green tea powder. Both the wood and the green tea work to suppress bacteria and control odors. Green Tea Leaves clumps, flushes, biodegrades, and is low in dust.

Green Tea Leaves Cat Liter

7 Liter

Price per bag: $9.49
Price per case (1 case contains 7 each of the 7 liter bags): $65.00
1 Bag – $9.49

1 Case – $65.00

2 Cases – $130.00

3 Cases – $195.00


10 Liter

Price per bag: $12.99
Price per case (1 case contains 5 each of the 10 liter bags): $64.00
1 Bag – $12.99

1 Case – $64.00

2 Cases – $128.00

3 Cases – $192.00


I received nothing but the cat litter shown above for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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