Friday, December 3, 2010

Louisiana1966 Review

I received the sock doll Glenda from lousianna1966 on etsy to review. I love very unique items that I'm not likely to see over and over again so when I came across this great store with some of the cutest things I knew i had to look around more. The Glenda doll caught my attention right away and I just had to have her. We got it real fast, and its kinda funny after I took her out of her pack my cat wanted to lay on her ha ha. Libby has actually took a liking to her although in the pics you see she seemed to be gettin mad at me ha ha cause when we got her besides laying on her she seemed kinda freakin out by the doll looking at her. Anyways although we have this sitting on our couch just for something different she keeps loving it and tryin to wash it and stuff now she thinks its her baby so cute. It is made very durable too cause she will wrestle with it sometimes as well even when I get on her about it, she hasn't torn it at all. I love louisinanna1966's shop it has some very cute things in it especially great for the holidays, so if your not done shoppin yet check that store out and see what you can get cause the prices are real nice as well. I really hope to see you over there if not you don't know what your missing. :)

Here are some other great items in her shop....

Multicolour crocheted bag with necklace - $21.00

Poppy the upcycled sock doll
- $18.00

Tiffany the Tufted Titmouse plushie - $18.00

The Svetlana pillows set of 2 - $30.00

Also check out and learn more about the artist below (besides the shop)

I received nothing but the glenda sock doll shown above for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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louisiana1966 said...

Thank-you for such a wonderful review of Glenda and my shop! I'm so glad you like her,and that your cat does,too! My 3 cats all love my sockdolls,too! Don't know what it is :D