Monday, December 20, 2010

In Search Of.....

Ok so I have been surfin blogs all night to see whats goin on everywhere else as well... and all the blogs I went to tonight either have a Kuerig Or a Tassimo am I missing something I can't seem to get either let alone a answer from anyone online that I have found that has had them.... Am I the only one who can't get one of these or give them away it sure seems it. I know this is me ranting and ya'll don't see it much but I have busted my whole yr to get where I am yet still feel like alot of companies are so untouchable to me and most of its jsut cause I can't find out who I'm supposed to contact.

So due to this I'm gonna mention a couple companies out there for the companies, PR's, other bloggers or whoever who may can help me get in contact with who I need to would be great....

Here are the items I would like to review and giveaway, just review, or just giveaway

Anything electronic or tech and men stuff are here too

but name companies....

Nook Color

Those are some of the main companies I can't seem to shake a stick at and it so irritates me.

But if anyone wants to contact me privately do so at evoluchunsmisc [at] yahoo [dot] com

PR companies I'm looking especially for men items, tech gadgets, Cell phone companies, ipads, kindles or any other readers, Mp3 players, fiction books, socks, and come on what about bra's for women who are not real small I mean what about us plus size women, plus size clothes, and I know I got big feet shoe companies that go up to a size 12W, automobile stuff, food especially chocolate, a bed I know crazy huh, engraved or monogrammed stuff, digital cameras, printers, tvs, xbox 360 & konnect ( would come in handy to lose weight with next yr that or the Wii, DSI, comforters or bath accessories, shower heads, pet products ( I have 2 cats and 3 dogs)... and I guess for now that's enough I wants but I do hope someone can help me with somethin whether its companies that deal with any of these things, bloggers who know of companies that can ask for me to see if I can get a email from them, or whatever... I will review just about anything I can though so anyone feel free to pitch me....

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Smash Bravo Team said...

Both of the coffee machines have been on my lists for eve but no matter what I do I cant get them either. Best I can do now is join giveaways for them, which I never win. I have seen the tassimo at blogs that have under 100 members so I can not figure out how they got them and not us. LOL
It's a bit frustrating at times... but it's no ones fault.
If I ever get a lead I will let you know.

joder said...

I've been wondering too how to get on the good list. I'm a newbie blogger and am wondering how to not only up my numbers/followers, but also the PR part of it as well. I feel kinda lost and would love any mentoring advice.

Danyale N. said...

@Smash Bravo Team it is really frustrating and I agree I have seen both all over on so many different size blogs I really think it bases on gettin the right connections like they say its all in who you know...

@joder well i can try to help you if you have any specific questions email me evoluchunsmisc [at] yahoo [dot] com and ask away I will help where I can. As far as followers most times easy to get on sites like Pitch It To Me, or The Product Review Place, also you can out yourself on bloghops helps too and any events you come across they will help you in the long run but it does take a bit you figure where I'm at now took me right at a year of constant work.