Thursday, December 23, 2010

Green Pan Review

I received a pan part of the Copenhagen Collection from Green Pan to review. Ok I'm one who has always thought one pan or another same thing some claim to be non stick with their Teflon which usually peels after a couple uses and such. Then their are the ones who just are non stick at all which we have in our home which I hate cause you can't cook anything in them if you don't want to have to scrape the pan then we have on iron pan from the old days and you have to oil it to keep it from not sticking. I learned alot from this company though I read over their site and I never knew most the non stick pans out their use a chemical that after it gets too hot can poison our systems and or pets with the fumes it gives off just wow all these years wonder how many poisons are in Teflon pans which I know alot of people use. Scary thought! We had one Teflon pot left and its been peeling for awhile but after reading their site its gone simple I know I need pans but I'm not gonna kill my family, myself, or my pets in the process. Now I have this great new pan to cook in and my iron pan that doesn't stick and 3 pots and 1 other pan with no protection on at all they just stick grrrr. Who knew that they would even sell pans out their that could hurt our health, I know I'm gonna save up my money and buy a whole kitchen cookware set from Green Pan because I don't want to risk any health issues. Plus this pan was awesome literally never stuck at all we wanted to show this is a descent size piece of steak yet it holds it in. Clean up was a ease we just wipe it out with our skoy rags with soap and water and it has to be the best pan I have ever owned. I will be telling everyone I know about this company and they have nice styles too I like the New York & Dubai.

Read How They Help You With Their Pans/Cookware Trust Me You Will Learn Something

Copenhagen Collection 8in open fry pan - retail is $59.99

GreenPan can be found at stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Kitchen Collection, Le Gourmet Chef, Crate and Barrel and Target. Online, they are available on,,,, and

I received the Green Pan shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only.

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