Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fombag Review

I received a mini fombag from FomBag to review. I was contacted because they liked my blog and wanted me to review one of their mini fombags their almost exactly like their bigger ones just more like a travel pillow size. My husband loves the original bean bag chairs he just hates that if you sit on them too fast their is stuff everywhere where it busts it. Anyways Joe was up for the challenge cause other than the bean bags popping if too rough he loves them. I got this in the mail and it was a pretty red suede mini bag, Joe used it the first day on the edge of the couch when he watched tv to prevent from gettin a crick in his neck. He said he loved how it was softer he thought and it supported his neck pretty well. He said due to the material unlike the bean bags it don't slip which means probably be easier to sit on with out it rolling out from under you for the bigger ones. I'm glad my husband liked cause I have never been a big fan of bean bags and not sure this is my thing either although I still have questions that I can't really say I know which way or not and thats the fact I'm plus size and I know I have to be super careful with bean bag chairs with my weight and with these it may be the same way but not sure can't tell on a mini. That is my only thoughts still if I would be dragging myself off the floor cause it wouldn't hold someone plus size. Now all the other things we do like about it, not really sure the prices are right though kinda expensive especially int his economy and all I mean most bean bag chairs you can buy starting at maybe $20 and ending at most $75 so its way off in price and although my husband thinks they could be very worth it I just hate to think the economy would prevent most of us from ever owning one any time soon. These would be great for children and gamers like the beanbag so if you don't mind payin the extra amount in money then invest in you a Fombag today. They do have alot of color choices and fabrics to choose from too. If I do ever buy them I will let ya'll know about the plus size or not. By the way their not stuffed with the same as bean bag chairs they have shredded foam which is softer.

Pricing Chart
GIGANTIC = 8' round
Colors - 11
Price - $489 Buy the 8' Fombag Now!

HUGE = 7' round
Colors - 21
Price - $379 Buy the 8' Fombag Now!

GIANT = 6' round
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Colors - 21
Price - $266 Buy the 8' Fombag Now!

XL = 5' round
Colors - 19
Price - $215 Buy the 8' Fombag Now!

LARGE = 4' round
Colors - 17
Price - $189 Buy the 8' Fombag Now!

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I received the Fombag Mini shown above and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only.