Thursday, November 11, 2010

Raspberry Swirl Review

I received a cute square ring and a pair od cute donut earrings from Raspberry Swirl on etsy to review. I'm usually surfin through etsy tryin to find the unique items because that's what gets my attention so I was happy when I came across this shop because some of the items are unique and cute as a button I love their work. Courtney is the owner and she really has great taste in her art work of making some nice stuff. My mom loved the ring I got it for her not only did she say she love that it was handmade but reminded my mom of the 70's she said when they used to have rings like that then. I will admit its smaller than it looks I mean its not a ring that goes over most your hand or my mom wouldn't even wear it. Customer care was great she was a pleasure to work with and I got my stuff pretty fast. My husband asked me why I got donut earrings but come on you sure don't see that everyday plus I love donuts so thought it fit all the way around, they look so good almost good enough to eat ha ha. Raspberry Swirl has alot of nice things handmade and vintage stuff also check out the items below great for stocking stuffers or just plain Christmas presents for your loved ones this holiday season. We recommend them with 5 stars I hope you check the store out, especially since the prices are very reasonable as well.

Here are some other great items in their shop....

Peaches and Cream Cluster Necklace
- $24.00

Patchwork bear coin bank-small - $10.50

Autumn Leaves Cluster Necklace - $24.00

Snowman Sugar Cookie Ring - $7.00

Get to know the artist and connect....

I received nothing but the ring and earrings shown above for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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