Thursday, November 11, 2010

Phantom's Rose Review

I received the PORTRAIT OF SWEET SADNESS Art Print 8.5x11 from Phantom's Rose on etsy to review. Ok first and upfront I'm a sucker for mythical creatures especially fairies and unicorns and such so when I ran across this etsy shop I was ecstatic. So this woman who owns this shop makes all the pictures she sales and most are all mythical and alot of fairies there just beautiful. Coriander is the owner and each of her pictures the work she puts into them are all different none alike so it makes owning one of them so enticing you want to own all of her work. She has alot of talent and I love the fact that she will sign each piece of work you buy if you ask which to me means more than just a picture because I could print any picture offline but to have it signed makes it all worth it. I love the way it looked in person it came fast and none of her work is real expensive the one I got was thirteen dollars and now just to get a frame and put on my wall. I think her work is great for anyone who loves mythical things and fairies and great for holidays or just to add a special look to your home or a specific room. I hope you take time to stop by Phantom's Rose shop and check out all her beautiful work and get you some of your own.

Here are some other great items in their shop....

Faery Rose 8.5x11 Open ed. Art Print - $13.00

The Watcher 8.5x11 Open ed. Art Print
- $13.00

Checkerboard Sorcery 8.5x11 Open ed. Art Print
- $13.00

Queen Mab 8.5x11 Open ed. Art Print - $13.00

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I received nothing but the art print shown above for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.