Monday, November 15, 2010

One of a kind Jewelry by Leeya Engel Review

I received this very beautiful ring from Leeya Engel on etsy to review. First of all go to her store and just look just wow all the stuff is gorgeous. I can actually say the jewelry she makes I have yet to see anything like it before and it seems every piece is so exquisite and in its exact place. I love her shop and I love the ring I got although I took a pic of it on me it just didn't come out with my flash the way I wanted the pictures do it no justice. So as you will see I included her store picture as well but I got this for my mom for Christmas and I really hope she will be excited because she loves flowers and such and with this ring it brings a touch of the gardens with you at all times. It has like a rustic look to it which I love and it even came in this cute little box perfect for gift giving. I got it pretty fast especially since I noticed it says it came from Israel so kudos to that because it didn't take as long as I thought it would've. I enjoyed working with Leeya as well it was my pleasure her customer care is awesome and you can even see how much she cares for what she does in her work. So great for the holidays get something rustic and unique, check out Leeya Engel and get some pretty things of your own.

Here are some other great items in her shop....

Tropical Vacation Bobby Blossoms Hair Accessory Set (3)- $19.00

In the Vineyard Bracelet - $42.00

In the Vineyard Bracelet">

Geometrical Pink Teardrop Flower Earrings - $18.00

Wood and Sea Necklace and Earring Set - $68.00

Also check out and learn more about the artist below (besides the shop)


I received nothing but the ring shown above for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

2 amazing comments:

Jackie said...

The jewelry is really pretty! My daughter would go crazy for that ring.

Leeya Engel said...

Thanks so much for the feature, Danyale! I do hope your mother enjoys the ring :)