Monday, October 25, 2010

Website Warning "Please Read"

I want to let everyone know I got a weird email today from a company that said they wanted people to review the Apple IPad I'm not gonna lie I seriously thought it might be legit I went to this site which was in the invite from the webmaster I went to the site and started signing up and it wouldn't take my yahoo email address in for some reason so I used my gmail email address then clicked complete registration the page went blank I refreshed 3 times and then it took me to which takes you to yourgiftzone I started signing up put my email info in and everything then closed out when I realized it was a scam. So far since I have received a few spam emails due to this and a friend looked it up and it tells you its a scam site to sell your email address you we'll see more info here. Hopefully it don't get too bad that I have to change email accounts I'm prayin but I want to let every one know just in case they receive this invite. I will keep everyone updated if it gets too bad and for some reason I have to change email accounts I seriously hope not cause I will have so much I have too move.

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Belly Charms said...

I just got this same email. I did a google search with the website name and the word scam and your post came up. That is what I thought. Thanks for the warning.

Danyale N. said...

glad I could send out a warning to others then with this post. I'm gettin more spam than usual which is gettin on my nerve I really hope I don't have to change my email its gonna urk me I swear. This is sad because bein a reviewer I hope it don't cost me one day and one day it be legit and I miss out.